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icon05/31/2017 - POISE Majorette Competition Dance

CAO Elite is proudly presenting this season POISE- a competitive majorette dance program- as seen on Lifetime's BRING IT!  The program will be lead by South Carolina State's Drumliner,  Adrian Moore and Sadeka Gillard an Alumni Passionette & Platinum Diva of Albany State University.  Who wants to stand battle?  Who wants be part of an amazing field show?  


Parent Informational:  June 12, 2017 @  8PM 

Try-Out Clinic:  June 16, 2017  @  6PM-9PM  $10.00 PER PERSON

Try-Outs Start on  June 17, 2017 Promptly @ 9 AM SHARP for all AGES


What's Needed?  Birth certificate, application package, $25.00 cash/money order non-refundable


icon05/16/2017 - D2 Summit National Champions

Congratulations to our very own Reign Y3 for conquering the 2017 D2 Summit!  Reign is now the best small youth level 3 team in the NATION!  Lots of handwork, crazy practices, sweat and tears...  all worth the end!  Congratulations to the little ladies of Reign and their parents for supporting and putting so much effort into this team!



icon05/07/2017 - Spirit Nationals- Ring Winners AGAIN!

Congratulations to our Youth 2 Glitter on their win at Spirit Nationals in Atlantic City New Jersey.


Congratulations to our Youth 3 Reign on collecting their 2nd RING this BID Season at Spirit Nationals in Atlantic City New Jersey.


icon05/01/2017 - 2017-2018 Membership & Try Out Results

Congratulations to our New and Returning All-Stars!  We are excited to get started with our 2017-2018 season!  Please look for your number on your team for the upcoming season. ( * )indicates that you are crossing over to another team.  The practice schedule will be rendered to you by Wednesday, May 3, 2017.  If you do not see your cheerleader's number or you have forgotten the number please call 678-489-3969 for our front office to help you.  Everyone makes a team!  If you missed our sign ups and tryout its not to late- please schedule your tryout or appointment through our front office.  

Congratulations to YOU!

2017-2018 Try-Outs & Membership Results


icon04/22/2017 - The ONE - Champions and Ring Winners

Congratulations to REIGN Y3 for being the Youth 3 Champions of THE ONE New Orleans.  1st Ring of the season and 2 more to capture.  Congratulations ladies you are truly amazing!


icon04/22/2017 - Spring into Tumbling

Spring into Tumbling with one of our CAO Elite Tumbling or Cheer Classes.  All classes are PAY AS YOU GO with a per class fee.  No worries of a monthly fee, pro rating or registration fees- just come to one of our classes and pay each time you come.  With a variety of offerings we are sure we can help you reach your goals and get your skills!


icon02/08/2017 - CAO Elite Membership Registration

Save the Date

April 24- Interest Meeting 7:00 PM
April 25- Interest Meeting 7:00  PM

April 26-28 Demo Practices/Cheer Class $10 per person per session

April 29- Open Registration Levels 1-3  $150.00 Cash or Money Order (Registration Fee/Practice Gear Package)
April 30- Try-Outs Levels 4-5 $150.00 Cash or Money Order (Registration Fee/Practice Gear Package)

Become a Champion Registration Packet

Try-Out and Registration Flyer




CAO Cares is bestowing the gift of, PROM POP UP SHOP, to 7 deserving high school juniors and seniors. The Gifts will include: Prom dresses, tuxedos, accessories, make-up, hair, mini-spa day and photo shoot. The deserving 7 will be at the least, honor students maintaining a 3.2 GPA. The students should be involved in extracurricular activities in their school, as well as positively impacting their community through community service. Nominations will be accepted by those educators and administrators from Clayton County, DeKalb County, Fulton County and Atlanta Public Schools. 

Congratulations to the following Juniors/Seniors that will be our 2017 Prom Pop Up Shop Recipients

T'Shana McMillan-Douglass High School

Heaven Jones-Douglass High School

Terri Samuels Gordon-Douglass High School

Dontavia Scott-Douglass High School

Eryn Townsend-Mundy's Mill High School

Na'Neq Holley-Mundy's Mill High School

Ja'Vodrick Smith-Mays High School




icon12/13/2016 - 2016-2017 Competition Results

 WSA- VIP Birmingham, Alabama

Cutie Pie Tinys 1st Place

Glitter Youth 2 1st Place, Grand Champion, Paid Bid to The ONE

Reign Youth 3 1st Place 

Allstar Challenge- Battle Under the Big Top Atlanta, GA

Reign Youth 3 1st Place

Cheersport Grand Championship- Atlanta, GA

Cutie Pies 1st Place

Glitter Youth 2 1st Place, Wildcard Bid to THE D2 SUMMIT

Reign Youth 3 1st Place

Lady Royals Senior 3 2nd Place, Wildcard Bid to THE D2 SUMMIT

Victory Athletics Valentine's Day Classic- Birmingham, AL

 Lady Royals Senior 3 2nd Place

Allstar Games Regional Game Day- Atlanta, GA

Stardom Youth 1 Prep 1st Place, Grand Champions

Cutie Pies Tiny 1 Prep 1st Place

Glitter Youth 2 1st Place

Reign Youth 3 1st Place

Lady Royals Senior 3 1st Place

Spirit Brands Peachtree Classic- Atlanta, GA

Cutie Pies Tiny 1 Prep 1st Place, Grand Champions, Paid Bid Recipient

Glitter Youth 2 1st Place, Grand Champions, Paid Bid Recipient

Reign Youth 3 1st Place, Grand Champions of Division, Highest Score of Competition, Paid Bid Recipient

Lady Royals Senior 3 1st Place


 UCA International Championships- Orlando, FL

 Reign Youth 3, 2nd Place


Battle at the Capitol- Gaylord Harbor, MD

Cutie Pies Tiny 1 Prep, 1st Place

Glitter Youth 2, 4th Place out of 21 Teams

Reign Youth 3, 1st Place, Grand Champions, At Large THE D2 SUMMIT Bid

Lady Royals Senior 3, 13th Place out of 26 teams


HBCU 2017 National Championship- Atlanta, GA

Stardom Youth Prep 1, 1st Place

Exclusive 5 Senior 5, 1st Place

icon05/02/2016 - 1/2 Year Team Special

Less Money More Fun! Team Stardom!

Sign up now for our 1/2 year team prep season from August 15- September 4.  Parent Meeting: September 5

Special:  Let us know what makes you a STAR and receive $100.00 off your season!  

  • Compete and Exhibit 1-3 times
  • Learn to tumble, stunt, jump like the BEST
  • Experience being a competitive team member.  
  • Have the allstar look with a competitive uniform and gear.
  •  Practice only 3 hours a week!  
  • No HUGE Financial commitment- or time consuming!  

Prep it out with CAO Elite Allstars- STARDOM!  Prep Allstar practices will start September!  Don't miss out for a chance on loaded fun and the ultimate allstar experience.  Contact gostars@caoelite.com for more information today!